Suchita was born in India and lived briefly in the U.A.E. before immigrating to so-called Canada as a child. She has an MFA in Poetry from New York University where she taught three semesters in the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program. She has also worked in web design and digital content management (see her portfolio). She is currently based in proximity to Tkaronto.

Engaging in history from the personal to the mythological, Suchita is interested in the ways we become exiled from our home/land/body because of trauma. As a larger project, she is researching The Mahabharata, locating the ancient Sanskrit epic as a means of providing evidence of, and justification for, the exclusionary ideology and socio-political system enacted by the Indian state against Dalit, Adivasi, Kashmiri, and Muslim identities, alongside anti-queer, anti-black, and climate violence.

photograph of author. she is a light skinned indian woman laying on green grass and holding a yellow flower. she is wearing a red blouse and a cream and black patterned sari.